To masturbate vigorously enough for it to be clearly audible to anyone in the vicinity.
Josh: Were you just playing with a paddle ball?
Ray: No, that was the sweet sound of Fapsturbation.
by Faghat July 29, 2012
Top Definition
The combination of the words "Fap" and "Masturbation" brought together in glorious harmony.
"Golly-gee-whiz. The fapsturbation hit me hard this mornin'!"
by Teh Masked Wang March 31, 2005
A theoretical act of self pleasure, often described as masturbation squared, or F=M^2. Can also describe intense masturbation, or simple everyday masturbation for hyperbolic effect. The word is simply a contraction of the slang term 'fap' and the word 'masturbation'.
"My parents just caught me fapsturbating to skinemax, no tv for a week."
"Man, that's harsh. They always say fapsturbation is a sin, but we know everyone does it."
by Bearded Justice November 08, 2011
Fiegned or mock masturbation in response to viewing something on the internet.
"Hey man, did you see the new preview for Wolverine that leaked out onto the net?"

"Yeah. I best fapsturbation material I've had in a while."
by DeadlyPancake August 12, 2008
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