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Fiegned or mock masturbation in response to viewing something on the internet.
"Hey man, did you see the new preview for Wolverine that leaked out onto the net?"

"Yeah. I best fapsturbation material I've had in a while."
by DeadlyPancake August 12, 2008
The combination of the words "Fap" and "Masturbation" brought together in glorious harmony.
"Golly-gee-whiz. The fapsturbation hit me hard this mornin'!"
by Teh Masked Wang March 31, 2005
A theoretical act of self pleasure, often described as masturbation squared, or F=M^2. Can also describe intense masturbation, or simple everyday masturbation for hyperbolic effect. The word is simply a contraction of the slang term 'fap' and the word 'masturbation'.
"My parents just caught me fapsturbating to skinemax, no tv for a week."
"Man, that's harsh. They always say fapsturbation is a sin, but we know everyone does it."
by BeardedJustice November 08, 2011
To masturbate vigorously enough for it to be clearly audible to anyone in the vicinity.
Josh: Were you just playing with a paddle ball?
Ray: No, that was the sweet sound of Fapsturbation.
by Faghat July 29, 2012