The urge to fap or masturbate
When i saw my mom in that porno, It killed my Fappetite
by The_ginger February 11, 2011
Top Definition

The desire to fap.
I worked up a big fappetite watching Bill's sister play tennis.
by Linnea Rodriguez February 22, 2005
A measure of a man's desire to masturbate.
"I saw this totally beautiful woman on the street today and it just sent my fappetite through the roof."

"The nude wrestling scene in Borat totally killed my fappetite for about two days, but it was hilarious."
by IsThisNameTakenToo? May 02, 2008
The inexplicable hunger for a sandwich and a very large drink after you finish fapping.
After finishing up his session, Alex's fappetite had to be extinguished.
by Dubblix November 18, 2009
The period of time between masturbations, during which an appetite for a good 'fapping' or masturbation, grows.
Dude, don't spoil your fappetite!
by sjp09 January 21, 2009
The appetite you work up after fapping for several hours. A fappetite can only occur after fapping for at least an hour straight...
I worked up a mean fappetite after my session ended..

Johnny worked up a fappetite after masturbating furiously for several hours.
by fappatite sammich March 04, 2014
Ones appetite for fapping
Oh man, Joe hasn't been laid in 6 weeks. He's got a huge fappetite.
by RixRekords February 27, 2015

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