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Derived from "Facebook Raped". The cyber-crime of hacking into one's facebook and proceeding to update their status without their knowledge, usually in a humourous way (eg What's on your mind? - "I Eat Large Wang").
I totally Faped Kid Drordy the other day. His status was like that for days!
by Social Network Monster September 19, 2010
a merger of fucking and raped
alternate for the term fucking raped, a good word to use in company of those to are very "offended" by either words.
If one got absolutely beaten at a game like how a trailer trash wife does by her husband, one would say:
"I got faped"
by Phelan June 27, 2005
The act of being raped in a facial orifice (typically, a nostril or ear).
Jane totally got faped last night.
by DwarZZ January 13, 2007
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