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Something fantastic, but quite sexual.
Michelle's tits are fantesticle!
Jess has a fantesticle arse!
That bikini is fantesticle!
by Jekepaca June 22, 2011
Something sexual that was involving the dick and was good
Oh, babe, that blowjob was so fantesticle.
by tmninjaturtle December 08, 2014
adjective: the feeling of wind blowing between your balls
Pope: This beach is so breezy
Jazz: i feel so fantesticles
by iampope December 13, 2009
when something is so fantastic it is "the balls"
i tried this new vitamin water today. boy was it fantesticle!!
by scott hawes February 01, 2007
Fantesticle, term of appreciation or enjoyment of an object or event. Created by popular Scottish writer from The Chronicles of Dave.
Barman: "Heres a free beer!"
Dave: "Fantesticle!"
by He Whom We Do Not Speak Of January 02, 2005
the cooling effect created by performing starjumps,
i was dead hot then cooled down with my fantesticles
by pussywhiped February 11, 2010
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