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when something is so fantastic it is "the balls"
i tried this new vitamin water today. boy was it fantesticle!!
by scott hawes February 01, 2007
Something fantastic, but quite sexual.
Michelle's tits are fantesticle!
Jess has a fantesticle arse!
That bikini is fantesticle!
by Jekepaca June 22, 2011
adjective: the feeling of wind blowing between your balls
Pope: This beach is so breezy
Jazz: i feel so fantesticles
by iampope December 13, 2009
Fantesticle, term of appreciation or enjoyment of an object or event. Created by popular Scottish writer from The Chronicles of Dave.
Barman: "Heres a free beer!"
Dave: "Fantesticle!"
by He Whom We Do Not Speak Of January 02, 2005
the cooling effect created by performing starjumps,
i was dead hot then cooled down with my fantesticles
by pussywhiped February 11, 2010