1. Of or relating to fantasy; unreal.
2. Stange; unconventional.
1. L. Ron Hubbard bases his pseudosciences on fantastical mythology instead of facts and testable sciences.

2. Tim Burton's vivid imagination lends to fantastical stories and films.
by Matt May 31, 2004
a word that describes something that is beyond fantastic, it can only be use in a satyrical fashion or when a person feels to lethargic to actually say fantastic
JJ: I just got myself a wig for that KISS concert next month.
Jeremy: That's fantastical......
by mr.fantastical September 06, 2009
A word meaning "fantastic" and "magical" at the same time and typically utilized by homosexuals who play too much EVE Online or Skyrim.
Nubbs thinks he's fantastical, but he needs to step up his paintwars game.
by derp312 January 16, 2012
a. of or being fucking fantastic b : conceived or seemingly conceived by unrestrained fancy c : marked by extravagant fantasy or extreme individuality

FANTASTIC may connote unrestrained extravagance in conception or merely ingenuity of decorative invention
I had a fantastical dream about Paul. Gin thinks Paul is so damn fantastical.
by GinMarie July 28, 2007
the best, wonderful, perfectlly amazing!
today was fantastical, i got an "a" on my test, and i got a new boyfriend.
by megasheid June 26, 2007
A word made my by Dianne Wilkinson, meaning shit hot
I am fantastical
by waynefc1 July 17, 2009
Fantastic, so fantastic it is more
Winning the lottery is Fantastical
by Knorris January 18, 2009

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