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1. Of or relating to fantasy; unreal.
2. Stange; unconventional.
1. L. Ron Hubbard bases his pseudosciences on fantastical mythology instead of facts and testable sciences.

2. Tim Burton's vivid imagination lends to fantastical stories and films.
by Matt May 31, 2004
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a word that describes something that is beyond fantastic, it can only be use in a satyrical fashion or when a person feels to lethargic to actually say fantastic
JJ: I just got myself a wig for that KISS concert next month.
Jeremy: That's fantastical......
by mr.fantastical September 06, 2009
0 1
A word made my by Dianne Wilkinson, meaning shit hot
I am fantastical
by waynefc1 July 17, 2009
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Fantastic, so fantastic it is more
Winning the lottery is Fantastical
by Knorris January 18, 2009
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a. of or being fucking fantastic b : conceived or seemingly conceived by unrestrained fancy c : marked by extravagant fantasy or extreme individuality

FANTASTIC may connote unrestrained extravagance in conception or merely ingenuity of decorative invention
I had a fantastical dream about Paul. Gin thinks Paul is so damn fantastical.
by GinMarie July 28, 2007
1 2
the best, wonderful, perfectlly amazing!
today was fantastical, i got an "a" on my test, and i got a new boyfriend.
by megasheid June 26, 2007
0 2
Fantastic to an unsafe extreme
The way that old lady went ape-shit on that guy was fantastical!
by DemonMoose February 13, 2007
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