1. Fantastical is an adjective that describes something that is greater than GREAT!

2. Or it means over the top or too imaginative
"How was your night with that hot girl last night ?"
"It was FANTASTICAL. We did everything possible, if you get what i mean. ;)"
by Thomas Nguyen September 09, 2007
Too annoy certain people with just one word
Ite blud! I said this girl looked fantastical and her head blew up!
by RiceSlicer ;) June 04, 2015
(adjective) A form of "Fantastic"; Wonderful or cool.
"Bubble Tea: Because it is more fantastical."
by Seishi March 02, 2003
Fantastic & MagicaL
as in: Susie FantasticaL Fantuzzi ;-D
by The FearLess Oracle June 06, 2013
It is the combination of fantastic and magical
That chic has Fantastical titties
by Buck naked April 04, 2012
Something amazing; Great
Man her puss was Fantastical
by Ezra666 December 07, 2011
To be better than just plain fantastic and amazing. To be cute/adorable and be even better than most people think. Few people know themselves as Fantastical, but ones who prove themselves to be are known. And some who are Fantastical are dubbed by there friends, only true friends see dub you as Fantastical.

So if you are Fantastical....Hello Star-Shine.
You are a Fantastical person without even trying.
by SamMI*-*CoLoURs August 07, 2010
The act of being fantastic
I won the NY marathon in record time I was just fantastical.
by ernie theurer March 10, 2008

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