A word often used by homosexuals to decribes daily fag-ish activities of which they engage in.
Sum fag whore: Soooo I went shopping today and they just had tha most fantabulous sale at JC Penny's.

Me: shit. Is this a... gay strip club?
by CockBlokChief120 July 02, 2010
something being fantastic, and fabulous
ann-wow those shoes are cute
catie-thanks arnt they fantabulous!
by lersocial July 10, 2008
The mix of the two words "Fantastic" and "Fabulous" usually used to describe something that was great, that is great, that will be great, or something that is almost orgasmic.

Taylor:I hope you have a fantabulousishis birthday.

Sarah:Thank you, Taylor. I hope you have a fantabulously fantabulous day.
by Tarbear3 July 10, 2008
When something fabulous happens to a person with orange coloured hair.
Orange: I Just won a car
Blonde: Thas fantabulous i only won a bike
by Jonah takalau June 09, 2008
a word that combines the meaning of fabulous and fantastic all at once.
how was the movie, man?
wow, it was fantabulous!
by mc lexie May 10, 2008
Simply the combination of fantastic and fabulous.
You are looking fantabulous today!
by Richieee Smith April 21, 2008
something very attrctive, easily admired at first sight.
If I really like something is really fabulous, i.e an interior or thats really gets my attention I say thats fantabulous!
by CrystalP January 19, 2008

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