a gay man who enjoys dresses and wears a bra
gay guy 1:o-m-g you are so fantabulous
gay guy 2:thank you so much girl your fantabulous yourself
by ALLLAAAH July 27, 2006
A hybrid of the words 'fabulous' and 'fantastic' for when neither of them are enough by them selves
holy shit you look fantabulous
by Meady October 06, 2003
Derives from the word fabulous and fantastic. Basically a more fabulous way of saying something is fantastic. (Or vice versa, whatever tickles your fancy)
Ashlee: OMG! You are so fantabulous!
Eric: i kno...

A 2 year-old does a perfect summersault...
Fred: Wow! Thats just how fantabulous my kid is. He does summersaults before he can walk!

Someone pees their pants...
Adam: Now thats fantabulously funny!
by TheMusicInYourPants October 05, 2009
Fantastic and Fabulous

Most gays use this word to explain their recent gay experience
"OMG Joey, that thing is so fantabulous"
by fourzero40 July 05, 2009
the act of being fantastic and fabulous all in one. it is the type of emotion that can't be described in one word, so it is necessary to combine two words in order to express ones self.
when i got stoned last night i was feeling fantabulous
by megg the egg July 02, 2009
To enjoy something, someone, a place and think they're fantastic as well as fabulous.
That performance was fantabulous!
by dustyocean June 14, 2009
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