The feeling of fantastic perfectly blended with the feeling of feeling fabulous.
Today is a Fantabulous day.
by Wordforger February 21, 2011
A mix between fantastic and fabulous. It's extremely gay and annoying. Don't use this word. Ever.
Gay Dude- The Jonas Brothers are so FANTABULOUS!

Normal Dude- Just... Stop talking. Please.
by StonedEmoKid February 08, 2010
When something is fantastic and fabulous but you can't use just one word to describe it.
"How are you??"
"I am Fantabulous!!"
by *~*Ford_Girl*~* July 28, 2009
an adjective for something simply AMAZING! it's a mixture of the words "fabulous" and "fantastic".

"OMIGOSH! that dance was FANTABULOUS!"
"that paper you wrote was simply fantabulous!"

by zoethezebra February 07, 2009
When a person is feeling or looking better than ever, and people notice
I just got a make over, I feel fantabulous!!!!
by Armourgirl October 23, 2008
Being awesome, fantastic, and fabulous at the same time.
Something that is extremely amazing
Did you see her outfit?

Yeah it was fantabulous!!!

You are a fantabulous kisser!!
by Emilyab9 March 26, 2013
something out of the ordinary but freaking awesome!!!!!!
"I have fantabulous news!" or "it's a fantabulous day.....tehehe!"
by awwwwh shitzle April 02, 2010

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