Fantastic+Fabulous= Fantabulous!
Person 1: How are you doin?
Person 2: I am pretty Shwell
1: Awesome!
2: How about yew??
1:Im pretty good!
2: Thats Fantabulous!!!!
by Finn the Human with aids August 13, 2013
Fantastically-Fabulous . It was first used to describe the perfect female, Nara
You're Fantabulous ,almost like Nara
by pweetybabynaraa July 30, 2013
When two gay fashion designers go out, get wasted, and then have sex repeatedly all night. And because of their gay accents, they can not pronounce un-gay words such as fantastic and fabulous.
James: Last night was the best night I have ever had.
Justin: Yea I loved it so much! Almost as much as I love you!
James: It was fantabulous!
by AshBeyoncé July 03, 2013
When someone is feeling fantastic and looking fabulous!
Guy: Hey, how are you?

Girl: I am just fantabulous!

Guy: Me too!
by Namesterbro May 15, 2013
A combination of the words fabulous and fantastic, utilized almost exclusively by homosexual men.
John: "What do you think of my new T.V.?"
Bruce: "O.M.G. it's fantabulous!"
John: "Okay, I'm returning it."
Bruce: "Why!?"
John: "Because I get the sudden feeling that it's staring at my ass now."
by thefirstten October 08, 2011
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