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Fantastically-Fabulous . It was first used to describe the perfect female, Nara
You're Fantabulous ,almost like Nara
by pweetybabynaraa July 30, 2013
-adj - of or being fantastically fabulous.
Did you see that sunset yesterday? It was fantabulous!
by onemoorrless July 22, 2013
When two gay fashion designers go out, get wasted, and then have sex repeatedly all night. And because of their gay accents, they can not pronounce un-gay words such as fantastic and fabulous.
James: Last night was the best night I have ever had.
Justin: Yea I loved it so much! Almost as much as I love you!
James: It was fantabulous!
by AshBeyoncé July 03, 2013
When someone is feeling fantastic and looking fabulous!
Guy: Hey, how are you?

Girl: I am just fantabulous!

Guy: Me too!
by Namesterbro May 15, 2013
The act of feeling down right awesome!
I am feeling fantabulous today!
by Thekingatepicness October 19, 2011
fantastic and fabulous combined
ooh! that skirt is so fantabulous!
by Jackman Phisyr March 25, 2011
The feeling of fantastic perfectly blended with the feeling of feeling fabulous.
Today is a Fantabulous day.
by Wordforger February 21, 2011