For when you can't decide whether to use "fabulous" or "fantastic". Just use them both. Why not? They mean the same thing.
Used in the same way as "fabulous" or "fantastic", only twice as excitedly.
"Try the bacon cheeseburger, I swear it's FANTABULOUS!"

"Geez, Karen, your hair looks FANTABULOUS today!"
by Caitlin March 25, 2005
The North Jersey slang term for something both Fantastic and Fabulous!
I hope you're having a Fantabulous day!
by LJP February 28, 2005
fantastic, great, smart, genius, perfect, sweet, caring, thoughtful, great guy...
Shaun is super- fantabulous
by Mel Chang September 19, 2003
a level above fabulous
mike and aaron are fantabulous guys, yo.
by Becca December 27, 1999
a word i made up when i was once high fun to use when high mixing fantastic and fabulous
that ganja was fantabulous lets go hit it again
by jay bird September 26, 2004
A version of "fabulous" for gays
Oh my gawd Eric, you look fantabulous in that skirt!
by Rosh April 20, 2003
A combination of Fantastic and Fabulous. Used when you feel like a unicorn, work for Spongebob Squarepants, or when you feel great.
Patrick Star: I just got hired to work for Spongebob!

Me:That's absolutely Fantabulous!!!
by poeticartistravenattack September 04, 2015

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