more fabulous than fantastic, more fantastic than fabulous
that beverage is fantabulous
her ass looks fantabulous is those jeans
by Bizo Nocturna August 26, 2008
fantastic and fabulous put together in one fantabulous word.
dinosaurs are so freakin fantabulous.
by Sheltizzle November 25, 2007
That be a mix of two words 'fantastic' + 'fabuluos'.
You Look fantabulous!
by Nadya Smolskaya April 20, 2006
A hybrid of the words fantastic and fabulousto demonstrate over-zelousness.
Wow! This water tastes fantabulous
by bruno guindon August 17, 2005
not just fabulous...but FANTABULOUS
the sex last night was simply fantabulous
by letsgetstoned June 17, 2005
something too in between fabulous and fantastic to be just one.
the way you write is just fantabulous!
by christie January 13, 2004
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