Fantabulous should only be used by true glamour gilrs! This word conveys a sence of style mixed with excitment and the ability to reach beyond the simple idea of ONLY being fantasic or fabulous.
Welcome to my fantabulous world!!
by Renata Vazquez July 12, 2006
A form of expression. To communicate ones positive feelings towards something. A combination of fantastic and fabulous, to further explain ones excitment.
i.e. I had a fantabulous time at the movies last night.
by K-Fresh June 20, 2006
(adj) to be so incredibly awesome that you have to combine fantastic and fabulous to express your feelings,
you look fantabulous!
what a fantabulous day!
by ShORtyJ May 30, 2006
extremely fantastic; amzingly awesome
That wig is completely fantabulous!
by CSP June 10, 2005
when something is Top noch
thats just fantabulous
by MrW May 31, 2005
Coming from the words fantastic and fabulous, to create a word to describe something out of this world
-wow that performance was fantabulous
-what a fantabulously good job you did on that exam
by Anthony Kitching October 11, 2004
A saying expressing great joy.
I won the lottery, fantabulous!
by MoleDeMesa October 02, 2003

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