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Fantasitc and Fabulous in one
your very Fantabulous
by stan george April 28, 2008
When one is more than fantastic, but not quite fabulous.
Man, i am fantabulous!
by Calah&Nicole April 07, 2008
combination of fantastic and fabulous; great, amazing, awesome, etc.
This cake is fantabulous!
by Aly K November 08, 2007
a combination of marvelous and fantastic
Nate's name is fantabulous and Anne Louise is not
by Leinahtan Refif May 17, 2007
Oh my god, this dress looks fantabulous on you!
by Carly Yoshi March 23, 2007
fabulous and fantastic combinded together.
That dinner at Buca De Beppo's Resturant last night was fantabulous!!!
Fantabulous should only be used by true glamour gilrs! This word conveys a sence of style mixed with excitment and the ability to reach beyond the simple idea of ONLY being fantasic or fabulous.
Welcome to my fantabulous world!!
by Renata Vazquez July 12, 2006