In the late 1980's the definition was taken to greater heights by a subculture of NYC and SF club kids. It was used to describe how one felt while on the drug ecstacy, and especially while "candyflipping" - a combination of LSD and pure pharmaceutical ecstacy. To describe a feeling of a state of eternal bliss!
Last night was amazing. The music, the people, and the overall positive energy made me feel simply fantabulous!
(stating one felt fantabulous was code for saying they were on "e")
by Monsieur Fritz November 01, 2007
When your feeling so fantabulous that you have to combine together the words fantastic and fabulous because the two seperate words just wont explain it.
"Holy Balls!! Thats the most fantabulous thing Ive ever encountered!!!"
by K.A.S.1 April 30, 2007
Something that is so great you have to combine fantastic and fabulous
My dress is so fantabulous every one at the party will be jealous!
by Claira Crane December 06, 2006
A mix of two words, fantastic and Fabulous to form a new word, used either to show great joy or sarcasm.
1. I just won the lottery, Fantabulous!!!!

2. Jim won the lottery again, Fantabulous...
by Malcolmg August 25, 2006
so cool, chic, hot, and sweet that you combined the words: fantastic and fabulous
My god girl that new clutch you got from from the new Teen Vogue magazine is fantabulous!!
by Zuriel Loving August 14, 2005
everything is just super-great-its a super-duper way of saying so. Often used with a exclaimation mark.
That dress is fantabulous!!!
by kim! October 07, 2003
it just means great, fun, fabulous, good
Person: how was your day?

Me:it was fantabulous!
by Hayden Williamz July 10, 2008

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