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Being awesome, fantastic, and fabulous at the same time.
Something that is extremely amazing
Did you see her outfit?

Yeah it was fantabulous!!!

You are a fantabulous kisser!!
by Emilyab9 March 26, 2013
the words fantastic and fantabulous mushed together to make the supreme adjective.
Girl 1: Woah your skirt is fantastic
Girl 2: Its fabulous
Girl 3: You mean fantabulous
by lilmissizzy March 24, 2009
A cross between "fantastic" and "fabulous"
That book was inspired, wonderful - fantablulous, even!"
by Leez April 30, 2003
A way of saying fantastic and fantastic at the same time. The best way to exclaim something great.
Person 1: Did you see Justine's outfit today?

Person 2: Yea! It's FANTABULOUS!
by purplewombats1125 December 10, 2012
Used to describe something very grand
That movie was not only the best, but fan-tabulous
by Neal "The Alpha Male" Davis March 19, 2005
fantabulous means fantastic and fabulous at the same time
"wow! you look fantabulous!"
by happy cheese woman January 08, 2012
amazingly wonderful. maginificently glorious. orgasmically good.
that chocolate was fantabulous
by sooz_the_great November 23, 2005
Something being both Fantastic & Fabulous
I had the most awesome time at the concert last night, the band and crowd were "Fantabulous"
by Tat2ude1 June 15, 2012