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A combination of the words fantastic and fabulous.
Commonly used to express a great feeling.
Wow i really liked that roller coaster! I must say that that was fantabulistic!
by man gooch November 29, 2004
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having the qualities of being fantastic and fabulous simultaneously.
I am feeling fantabulistic today.
by DarkJoy October 23, 2009
The greatest thing in the world that you can every imagine; really really really awesome.
"How are you?"

"Fantabulistic! You?"
by Emma Tangerine May 06, 2009
A word that is a combination of three words. Fantastic, fabulous, and fantastalistic. They kind of mean amazing, but more like amazing on fireworks:).
With a dash of cinnamon...jkjk
Friend One: "Did you hear about that new guy?"
Friend Two: "Yea he's FANTABULISTIC!!"
by Lupe Salas December 27, 2008
A very annoying word that will soon destroy humanity. Prevent its spred by destroying anyone who uses it!
'omg that is so not fantabulistic'
by I hate the word fantabulistic! March 13, 2008

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