to flirt uncontrollably.
the act of fanting.
A sexy guy that flirts a lot.
What the fant was that?!
:Person1: "ur a hoe" :Person2: "Fant off."
Jessica, "Wow look at that fant fucker."
Amber, "I like him a lot but he might be to fant for me"
Wade, "Dont talk about my fant handles anymore."
Mr.Walton, "To be a fant is incorrigible, sometimes."

by Jessica Gomes May 11, 2008
Top Definition
A New Jersey term, mainly heard in Teaneck NJ or surrounding towns, stating that one has been stood up, or can be the type of person to make plans and not go through with them. Similar to the word "Flake".
Yo man, I've been sitting here for an hour, I think she "fanted."

Didn't Shoop say he was stopping by with more beer?
Yeaaa, that kids a "fant."
by SirFantsAlot October 28, 2010
(Adj.) Short for fantasy, fake, flaky, unreal, or an exaggeration.

(Noun) A pretender, a hypocrite, someone who falsely claims to be something, someone who is living in a fantasy, a compulsive liar, someone who is two-faced, or a fake friend.
"Jerome stay telling me he gets girls when we both know he's still a virgin."

"That nigga is mad fant."

"Did Solange really think she's a singer?"

"That chick is a fant, you can't be serious."
by NuJeru January 11, 2009
Fat Arse, No Tits - a woman with a large bottom but worryingly small breasts.
Jennifer Lopez is a FANT
by Russ David January 04, 2006
Fat pants. The comfy pants or outfit you put on after a long day right before you sit on the couch for hours eating mass amount of chocolate and watching bad TV.
I've had the worst day ever. I just want to go home, put on my fants and do nothing!
by FantsLover July 23, 2008
Woman with a large bottom and small breasts ie Fat Arse, No Tits
"I'm pear-shapped"
"No you're not, you're a FANT".
by Russ David January 06, 2006
verb, adjective, noun. anything.
to fant, stop fanting around!, shut the fant up, turn off the fant!, fanthandles, you are so fant.
by amber roy May 11, 2008
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