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Anything wonderful, great, fine, or awesome.
Tedwardo: Hey Todd, How're you today?
Jane: Hey your new hair cut is fannypacktastic!
Jill: Thanks! and I just got these fannypacktastic shoes on sale.
by Shintwieda November 06, 2005
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Fanny packtastic is a mind orgasim at the thought of wearing a fanny pack or something of equal or greater excitment.
by Captain Hankey September 09, 2009
The feeling you get when you feel more than fantastic.
"How was your day?"

"It was fannypacktastic."

by enjoiskater259 November 18, 2008
the best thing that ever happened
Pedro: you guuys i just pulled a britney spears on my hair.

Pepito: Thats fannypack-tastic
by stephaniegorawr July 26, 2008

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