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A girl that acts like a bloke.

Because they are not male, they cannot be a full man a 'dick-man' and, therefore, are the female version.
Girl: The footie last night was really good!
Boy: You're such a fanny-man
by TomMarvoloRiddle January 13, 2011
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1) a girl who looks like a man, so because she has a fanny she is referred to as someone who has a fanny but looks like a man
2) stephanie, London, fits this description
omg, look at that fanny-man!!! shes bare butters!!
by hotandfresh November 01, 2005
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used to describe a man who acts like a girl, or is generally a bit of a woos.
that boy is such a fannyman.

stop being such a fannyman and get your hands dirty
by r4ono June 05, 2009
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A male mistress. Derived from the words "fancy man."

The exact equivalent of a mistress but a man. A male who sleeps with a married woman on a regular basis.
As in "My fannyman gives me better lovin than my husband," or "If that fanny m*fu*ker ever sets foot in my house again, I'll kill him!," or "you can fannymac me anytime baby."
by LASweetheart March 19, 2010
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