v. To fanny is to play down ones skill when playing competitive snooker for small stakes, the objective being that the unsuspecting opponent fancies his chances and suggests that the wager be increased. The superior player is then placed to make a sting and cleans up.
"Watch it when you play Wally for money, he is liable to fanny" - sound advice received in a Norwich snooker hall (1966).
by norfolkboy September 07, 2006
Filthy ass nasty nigga yo!
Before you think I'm an ignorant racist prick, read the definitions of each word, will ya?
Tony: Yo cuz, have you seen that guy?
Mike: Yeah man, he's a real fanny.
by african_dude April 14, 2008
a bird's twat, that's all, any arse called booyeahbaby or whatever is clearly either a fuckwit or a yank (one and the same, I know) good night and thank you. Any fuckwit americans want a fight?
she had a big flappy fanny, so I parked my fag there while I went for a slash
by Fon April 01, 2005
usually cruel people say it as butt, or people who think that they are fancy, but it's acutally now known commanly as a name
one of my friends sisters cousins friends mothers friends daughters friend is name fanny
by booyeahbaby December 05, 2004
Girl/Guy referring to another girl/guy about how big their bottox. or "butt"
geez that person had a "fanny" penged up their ass.
by whatthefux June 08, 2007
1.mexican smugaling titty licking rectum munching asian driver who complains that the world is going to shambles and it's being cotrolled by assholes when really he are an asshole causee you drive like shit AND he'd fucking dumb because china is the one who is taking over world.


2.ignorant slut.
by websters beotch August 14, 2008
U.S. (1) Butt; rear; derriere; fartmaker. (2) Woman's first name. Also: Fanny Farmer (1) Brand of American chocolates (2) A butt-centric perv.
Fanny showed me her fanny, and, for that, I gave her a box of Fanny Farmer.
by Viking November 11, 2003

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