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Pure Sexyness, Unrivaled Beauty, A Face So Cute You Just Want To Pinch Her Beautiful Cheeks, Lips So Soft You Would Wish You Can Have Them But They're Mine And Only Mine.
I <3 You Fanny Babe.

You're so Fanny.
by A Crazy Lover November 17, 2012
British English: fanny = cunt

American English: fanny = ass

When that English guy came to America, he was shocked to find out he had a fanny!

That drunk limey let Jane stick anal love beads in his fanny.

That drunk limey blew his load across America when I shoved my finger in his fanny.
by Tickety Boo November 14, 2006

In the UK it is another word for pussy.
"Those British folk are so busy taking it up the fanny they forgot they drive on the wrong side of the road."
by Thatguy915 November 08, 2011
Fanny, fannying or fannies - to mess around like a moron - more than likely to "dither" around, as in: make a lot of fuss and look like you're doing something but acheiving diddly-squat
"Oi, stop fannying about and get those bricks up that ladder now dickhead"

"Listen you bunch of fannies - I need this doing now"
by DukeGuy July 03, 2008
Attractive young lady(s)
Look at the fanny over there
by Rich Lawson May 22, 2005
US definition. Arse. Can lead to many amusing misunderstandings between atlantic cousins
She has a great fanny.
by Anonymous January 22, 2003
Filthy ass nasty nigga yo!
Before you think I'm an ignorant racist prick, read the definitions of each word, will ya?
Tony: Yo cuz, have you seen that guy?
Mike: Yeah man, he's a real fanny.
by african_dude April 14, 2008