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Having sex with a woman who is letting you do it but not really committing to the moment.

Shagging a girl who whilst is a willing partner would rather you just finished quickly.
Your mate "So you were making the beast with 2 backs with Tracey last night?"
You "She wasn't really that horny so I just got a fanny wank, farted then went to sleep"
by Pipmiester June 06, 2010
18 6
Using large womans overhanging beefskins, wrapping them round your cock whilst thrusting wildly with no penetration
I couldnt find the hole through the flab, I think Jenny gave me a fanny wank!
by MarCris January 06, 2008
8 7
like fuck! an expletive used amongst me and my friends say among new people and vecome a legend, hilarious, what more can i say??
if your sports team is losing or a referee makes a bad decision, you can shout 'ah fannywank'
by MC July 03, 2004
8 11
when a woman masturbates or is masturbated
Matt fanny wanked his girlfriend instead of having sex
by jesscherry February 27, 2009
4 8