Top Definition
When one uses their hand in a tapping motion on a womans fanny area.
Usually when you tap, you say 'Fanny Tap' in a high pitched voice.
Fanny tap is in no way sexual, but just a fun way of getting on someones nerves.
I would love to go over to her a give her a fanny tap.
by Alex in Alton November 22, 2007
When a girl is on her period and shes bleeding really heavy. Comparing the amount of blood lost to water coming out of a running tap.
Girl 1#: Hey whats up?
Girl 2#: My fanny tap is leaking real bad.
by rocket-roller April 19, 2011
when you go up to someone and back hand them in the VAGINA!. And makes it itch.
"i gave Meghan the biggest fanny tap today."
by pseudonymmmmmmmljkgjjifthdydty August 22, 2008
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