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Fans of anyone named Daniel whether famous or not.
Those girls have posters of only one guy on her wall. They're a bunch of Faniels.
#faniel #daniel #fan #fanatic #daneil #faneil
by Lotsurb March 16, 2010
The Faniel's are very found of their skin and always keeps it well tanned, sometimes a bit to tanned. They like drinking and cant really stop once started. Most of the sober time is used for playing video games and eating fast food. 9 out of 10 times they get caught in customs without having done a single thing wrong, just by being tanned!
-We should be at the airport 2 hours before take off.
-No we need at least three hours, I'm a Faniel.
#faniel #drinking #drunk #tanned #skin #customs #sober
by JimmyBubba March 09, 2010
Fat-Spaniel: A wonky little wigglepuppy who is fond of fun and laughter.
"Faniel, where the hell are you? Stop wonking around the place and have a wash for god sakes!"

After you take too much K you roll around the floor like a stupid faniel.....
#faniel #townsfoe #fat #spaniel #fat spaniel #rotund
by josh goody March 13, 2009
A Faniel is often a lightheaded person who has a kind of low intellegence. he often makes stupid mistakes and is shelfish. faniel´s are 95% of the time thinking he´s atletic but is kind of average. he almost certanly thinks he is dangeorus and listen to rap. he often has a short temper and cries when dont get what he wants. here is some words that´s connected with faniel´s

no focus.

´´Faniel`` is often used has provoking word.

conclusivley FANIEL´S HAVE NO FUTURE!!!
-dont be such a faniel.

-o im a faniel

-your a big fat faniel.

-your the biggest faniel there is.
#idiot #stupid #onions #mustard #poor
by the torres hater November 26, 2011
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