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The way a dedicated fan feels when they are dissatisfied with something such as an athletic event, celebrity break-up, band tour schedule, or book-to-film adaptation.
Mary became very fangry when she could no longer follow the plot of Lost, but she kept watching it anyway.
by ruckrucker July 14, 2010
2 2
Fucking Angry

See: fungry
Someone calling him a mak!

He must be fangry now!
by Fangry Wang May 14, 2005
24 5
The sixth and final stage of hunger which occurs 30 seconds before you die of hunger. It is preceded by by the five other stages of hunger: 1. hungry, 2. fungry, 3. hongry, 4. fongry, and 5. hangry.
Man that Somalian is fangry.
by Capt. Wacky February 10, 2011
5 2
Extremely hungry and angry. A contraction of "fucking", "hungry" and "angry".
I'm so fangry I can't even string a few sentences together.

Fuck! No forks again! And I'm dying to tuck into my chicken... this makes me fangry as hell.
by Linzballs December 02, 2013
1 0
What happens when a Vampire gets angry.
Stephan sometimes gets fangry
by Kristeena June 03, 2011
1 1
fat and angry
look at those fangry kids ripping apart the vending machine...

copy right elka 1998
by elka June 09, 2003
9 11
nerds, fat and angry, always fat from sitting on the computer so much, angry from losing at counter strike
that nerd is gay, and hes fangry
by lpopsd June 10, 2003
9 21