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An obscure language spoken by fangirls. It started at an unknown time period as a result of a poor bastardization between Chatspeak and the English Language. Caps Lock is also used to accentuate anger or pure emotion. The language is also know for the lack of punctuation, verb tenses, capitalization, syntax, and most of the vowels. It is the hallmark of ignorance and every fangirls' obsessions.
Twilight Fangirl: OmGGGZZZ liEk TaYLoR LAUTneR iz so hAWT!!!111!

Justin Bieber Fangirl: NO u stupid whor u are a stpuid

Jonas Brothers Fangirl: fuck you you you stupid bicth you are idoit


Rational Person: Sorry guys, I don't speak Fangirlese, the language of ignorance.

by l1011tristar17 February 12, 2010
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