A drink consisting of a shot of cherry whiskey and a shot of Jack Daniels mixed with ice and cola. Usually the ice is scooped out of the drink and then hammered back.
Do you want to order a couple of fangers when we get into the pub?
by t*money April 20, 2006
Top Definition
To finger a girl so hard she needs medical attention.
"Mate, did you hear about Emili being fangered"

"Why is Julie in hospital?"
"Oh, I heard she was fangered"

"A little bit of fanger is good for you"
by themaskedpredator February 06, 2014
a lad who prefers the company of a mot rather than being chill with fellow lads. a fanger may be labelled as such due to displaying a sly or secretive attitude concerning his womanising ways to the lads, and will in most cases be made an example of.
facebook status by jilted lad friend: "james, the fanger, is on a date right now. Fang. Er."

comment: "we're one short for a footie match thanks to john and his bird...he's such a fanger."
by Leeeeem February 25, 2010
A lad who enjoys the company of women and spends the majority of his time with them/actually hangs from their flaps
gallen (the king of fangers) took fanging to a whole new level last night...just him and 17 girls, watching glee and having hot chocolate
by Roryg69 November 25, 2010
Arkansas slang for 'finger'
Hey, Cledus, come see if my fanger is infected.
by Krazy K November 30, 2002
One whom uses someone to get what they want, and offer no benefit to the person getting fanged; is said to "dig their fangs" into someone.
I would introduce you to my friend, but I am afraid you will dig your fangs into him. fanger!
by MotorcyclePatrol August 11, 2008
An annoying feline who likes to headbutt, yowls at 5:07 a.m. for feedings, and has tattered ears, a snaggle tooth, and lots of kitty dandruff.
I wish Fanger would just get out of my face.
by Sh'boo July 21, 2010
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