Adj- A word given to describe the emotion between "Fuck", and "Fantastic". Usually used sarcasticly in situations where things are far less the fantastic.
Jeremy: Did you know the whore is with him now, but STILL flirts with me?
Emily: Yeah, I heard.... FANFUCKINTASTIC.
Jeremy: Yep, dumb bitch.
by Lil' Sex And Jeremy November 24, 2012
Top Definition
This is self explanatory. It is the word fuck inserted into the word fantastic.
Just when nothing else can go wrong, something else does, and you yell at the top of your lungs "Fanfuckintastic!"
by Skizurp June 08, 2003
When shit just doesn't go right.
Husband: The car won't start and I am late for work.
Wife: Well don't even worry about it they just called and said your fired!
Husband: Well that is just fanfuckintastic!
by Dean Cochrun September 04, 2008
the superlative of fantastic; To explain your unexplainable good mood; beyond fabulous and fantastic.
Dude I feel fan-fuckin-tastic
by emily-c March 18, 2008
Sarcastic phrase used when a situation has fucked up.
Guy 1 gets fired, is kicked out of flat for not paying rent, gets pissed and is arrested for being D&D, then partner breaks up with him; "That's just fanfuckintastic"
by jeopah January 02, 2008
That beard is fanfuckintastic
by Valderie valdera March 15, 2003
when thyings are so great that a simple fantstic wont do
i had a fanfuckintastic day
by MyChele June 04, 2009
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