Someone that is so insanely fanatical about something that they can't even go a couple hours without bringing their obsession up or referencing it. (sometimes said individual is extremely deluded and mistakes their fantasy for reality)
student1: Can you believe Zach in gym today?

student2: He's such a fanaddict that he went into total

Hunger Games mode during dodge ball.

student1: Yeah, and then he was mumbling something

about being back in District 12.

Student2: All of his essays are on the Hunger

Games. Even his Junior Thesis. He's gonna

have to repeat English.
by pseudnonymous272 June 27, 2012
Top Definition
A person so consumed by a celebrity or team that he or she has created a lifestyle around his or her infatuation. This person may close down a business during all team sports events, spend money recklessly to see their celebrity or team, and/or ruin relationships over their devotion to said fan-addiction. Examples include impersonators, imitators, priests and superfans.
William Nicoles is such an Alabama fanaddict he painted his house to look like a huge elephant and then spray painted his lawn maroon. Roll Tide!
by Bex Nicole July 16, 2009
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