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Famous: a state of being wherein words, feelings, a sense of daily reality, concern for others, are replaced by an extreme power hungry self obsessed entity of a monster that has nothing (or anything) to do with being human or learned skills and crafts that make human beings function.

Some say "grounding" or gravity are the magic words.

All people go through fases throughout their life in which little jolts of "Famousness" can stimulate or selfconferm (self confirm is offcourse writen with an i or a capitol I) a human excistence, applied in small dosage this can actually benefit society having people feeling good about themselves. Nevertheless "Famous" can be highly addictive more so than "coffee" and "morning kisses".
"Famous." At least "words" like plumber, carpenter, nurse, doctor, security, social worker, musician, teacher, miljonair, mean something!"

"Get that 6foot pole of a camera out of my neck, i'm not Famous!"

"I don't care if you think we're related, i'm not Famous!"

"Dude you're so hovering, you need more grounding or you'll get Famous!"
by good attention July 02, 2013

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