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A sudden encounter with a large group of Jewish people, who would more chances than not, probably be a large Jewish family, of some sort, celebrating some sort of Jewish party, or festival. Most of the time they’re yelling in Hebrew, or Yiddish (sometimes even Arabic)

\\\what to do if you ever run into a family rejewnion///

1. Do not drop a penny, for you may be mauled by a large number of humans, fighting jewth and nail

2. Stay out of their way, they're likely late for something.

3. Do not provoke, or draw attention to the group. Our liberal media loves them Jews.

Jake "I went to the Newport Dunes yesterday, and saw a bunch of these people wearing funny things on their baldspots, and they were yelling in some weird language, kinda creepy."

Jonas "Oh, dude, you probably just saw a family rejewnion"

Jake "Cool!"
by rob$ August 20, 2008
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