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Whiny little crybabys who stick up for someone who is acting like an arse.
"Prince is an underated musician"
"Are you a fam?"
"hell yeh"
"I'm going to have to kick you face into the pavement now, and these are new shoes I hate you twice as much as I did 3 seconds ago"... at this point it is more than acceptable to throw acid in the face of the person.
by SteFargnoli April 24, 2006
8 36
a word use to describe your peoples. ones that you can trust dearly. someone you consider family
my fam wuz mad deep up in the club the other day
by Chris November 06, 2003
1840 496
derived from the word "family" . referring to people that are extremely close; as if a family member.
what's crackin fam?
by tha professor November 19, 2003
996 378
short form of "family" fam
Hey fam whats up
by WARREN May 17, 2003
689 422
close frend or family
Safe Blud
Yes Fam, U Kl
by Chikstah Lyk..Chantal November 20, 2007
388 299
F.A.M. is an acronym meaning Family Above Money. One who is especially true or close to their FAM. Without the FAM shits not good.
"F.A.M. Ain't No Punk Shit Nigga, It's Strength At It's Finest."
by gabriel2o9 February 10, 2010
99 32
Short for "Family." Used to describe close friends, associates, people, etc.. Mostly used in New York, but what people fail to realize is that the term "Fam" is actually from the south.
Not from Florida, but what up fam?
by AC January 19, 2006
244 195
Meaning Family

Used in Boston and New-York these days,
derived from da down south, (Mostly in Virgina)
-What up Fam? How u b.

-Im good son, whut up wit your fam?
by Yung KO November 08, 2004
319 286