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Also known as F.G.S. or Guido'ly Challenged. When one who is not of italian decent, and tries to act like a stereotypical guido. They have blowouts, go tanning, frolic at clubs to house music. Doing everything that a typical guido is known for doing but it just simply doesn't look right. Their tan looks aweful because of their skin tone (pale-looking red and lobster-like or dark complexion - not in need of getting a tan but still does it to live the guido lifestyle, maybe even sometimes looking orange.) They tend to work twice as hard on their blowouts than the average guido in order to make them look more guido-like and boast about how nice their hair is but in reality it simply does not look right. People tend to look down on those with F.G.S because that they are acting out as an italian stereotype without even being italian.
Nick: Yeah bro guido fist pump all day!

Robert: Nicky aren't you Arabic?

Nick: Uhh yeah bro

Robert proceeds to slap Nick

Robert: You have False Guido Syndrome!
by DurrtyyJerzzz February 16, 2011
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