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Pretty decent school with a total of 3 black people and (supposedly) 1 hispanic. Throws decent basement parties. Thinks 86 sucks. Everyone there knows that basketball is just a warm-up season for Lacrosse and Soccer. Not very urban. Actually, not urban in the slightest bit.
Seen that ghetto kid? He's not from Falmouth Academy.
by ... December 21, 2004
182 56
Yet another Cape based yuppie factory.
Hey Tristan, wanna go to American Eagle after the lacrosse game? We can take the Explorer!
by Raf March 10, 2005
100 45
Falmouth Academy is an academically rigorous, coed, college-preparatory day school for grades 7-12 It is guided by teachers who believe that students willing to work hard can meet the demands of a challenging core curriculum that explores English, history, science, mathematics, foreign language and the arts. Essential to FA's teaching is the cultivation of reading, writing and speaking skills, as well as analytical and critical thinking.
Falmouth Academy students are well prepared for college and beyond.
by Urbaned June 07, 2007
36 57