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Pale, tatted up, funny guy who likes big boobs and porn! He likes to slide down poles.....he's a firefighter! and he likes to get drunk n try to hump girls on the beach and throw them in the water, even if they dont wanna go. He has an enormous package, so i heard....but that also leads to a huge (mooseknuckle), but he's ok with that. He gets excited easily by things like tootsie pops, hersheys kisses, and camel toes. But if u really get to know him he can be a real kevin!! I am glad i met this falker cuz he's actually pretty cool!! But his moose knuckle distracts
1. Omg! Look at that guy on the beach humping that BIG Girl, Looks like he's pullin a Falkner!!

2. Man look at that dudes package, He's Packin a Falkner!

3. I know he is gonna get me back, because he's falkner! LoL
by HAHAHAHA J/k April 06, 2010
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