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Pale, tatted up, funny guy who likes big boobs and porn! He likes to slide down poles.....he's a firefighter! and he likes to get drunk n try to hump girls on the beach and throw them in the water, even if they dont wanna go. He has an enormous package, so i heard....but that also leads to a huge (mooseknuckle), but he's ok with that. He gets excited easily by things like tootsie pops, hersheys kisses, and camel toes. But if u really get to know him he can be a real kevin!! I am glad i met this falker cuz he's actually pretty cool!! But his moose knuckle distracts me...lol
1. Omg! Look at that guy on the beach humping that BIG Girl, Looks like he's pullin a Falkner!!

2. Man look at that dudes package, He's Packin a Falkner!

3. I know he is gonna get me back, because he's falkner! LoL
by HAHAHAHA J/k April 06, 2010