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Greek seaside village formerly renowned for its peaceful shores and relaxing habitat. From the 90s onwards it has been literally swamped by hordes of British tourists. Particularly popular amongst kevs, scallies, charves and all that lot. Package tickets to Faliraki are very cheap, so an average kev only has to refrain from buying his weekly sovereign ring in order to afford it.
Often those characters are singing the praises of it on the basis that "there's no fooking foreigners in Faliraki". Pub-crawling, molesting, street-vomiting, punch-ups and sky tv filming blow jobs in the street are regular features of Faliraki.
The holidaying crowd to Flairaki is shameful for the UK
by claude from birmingham October 20, 2003
Seaside resort on the island of Rhodes. If you're over 30, teetotal, or not promiscuous, avoid it. Most likely its biggest-growing business is the local VD clinic - I hear it sells "frequent flyer" tickets.
"Where you go for your holiday?"
"Oh. Catch any VDs?"
by KHD August 19, 2003
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