Phrase that is exclaimed when punching a book or binder out of someones hands, or off of a desk, table etc...
Mike: Hey Jimmy
Jimmy: What?
Mike: FALCON PUNCH!!! (Knocks book from Mikes hands)
by Nihowhello February 07, 2011
Commonly known as Captain Falcon's signature move. The falcon punch is epitome of human capabilities the strongest technique a mere mortal can accomplish (Childs play to Chuck Norris). Ultimatly the falcon punch is rediculously powered punch capable but not limited to the destruction of all beings hit with the attack (except Chuck Norris in which this attack only tickles him) and in a grander scale a punch that affect can change the universe..

To perform this attack:
1: Plant feet firmly
2: Cock back you arm while yelling: FFAAAALLLLCOOONNN!
3: Hurl your fist at your target while yelling PUUUNNNCCCHHHHHH!
4: (Important) Make sure you don't happens often
Jordan used Falcon Punch on Mike, after Mike said Chuck Norris is weak.
by JayTD November 08, 2009
a flaming punch that was originaly done by captain falcon. this was used in the super smash bros. series but was also used as a attack that falcon used on this evil dude in the f-zero cartoon series.
captain falcon:FALCON PAAAWNCH
some f-zero racer:CAPTAIN FALCON!
mewone:thats what a falcon punch is guys.
by mewone April 07, 2009
The best drink, ever. Dump out half a two liter of Mountain Dew, add a packet of fruit punch flavored gatorade powder, top the bottle off with vodka.
Four words: Mother. Fuckin. Falcon. Punch.

falcon PUNCH gets you laid every. time.

Every party I go to I will get PAWNCHED from this day forth.
by lolashleysays October 18, 2010
The act of spotting a fine-ass'd chick (optional guy if ur a homo) who is preferably wearing a skirt and sneaking up behind them, taking a huge ass wind up, and shoving your fist up their anus as far as it will possibly go. If you make it to the mid forearm, you have achieved a Falcon Punch. Oh yea, dont forget to scream FALCON PUNCH!
Man "hehe..."

Woman "Wah?" (as she looks around)


Woman "OHHHH!! Farther!!"

Man "I knew you'd like it."
by I8outurm0m August 28, 2010
A punch where someone leans far back and makes a fist away from his target while the opposite hand points a finger. He then throws the fist forward hard and keeps his head down as if staring at the ground with his opposite hand pointing back. This was made famous by Captain Falcon so often times a flaming bird will appear with you.
The two guys were head to head until one of then threw a falcon punch... that ended the fight...
by g0stf1ngr May 02, 2010
What bird fanatics drink between rounds of Hawk-ey
"Show me your moves!"

by Zakxx April 12, 2010
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