The Falcon Punch is perfection. The Punch that sets ablaze at MACH 7 Speed as it connects withwith it's prey. Be very afraid of a Falcon Punch. Instant death on Smash Bros. at a 40% damage. Captain Falcon is the only God. Top Tier? No. God Tier.
Use of a Falcon Punch ...
When a Falcon Knee hits. Every bone in your sorry fleshy sack that you call yourself goes through immediate obliteration in 1÷Infinity seconds. Your entire body rendered worthless as it experiences the journey passing through Hell and back five times. Unable to move, you are crippled; and so He spares your soul. He has crushed you under his pinky finger because your moves simply weren't good enough. He will seek you through the 9 Hells and snuff out your soul from your useless, puny body. By now you may think yourself better off than the others who faced a similar fate, but He doesn't agree. His fist sets ablaze in a backspin as he hurdles through the fifth dimension and raises to a temperature of 3000°c before he releases his motion through his arm, connecting with your jaw at MACH 7 speed. Instantly. There is no more. You are gone. You failed to show Him your moves, and you suffered your fate. He is Falcon.
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by ShreyanM April 05, 2016
Verb. To use an extremely epic move or tactic in anything that grants the user instant victory.
Example One:
Teacher: The atomic bomb ended the war when it was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In a sense, we basically Falcon Punch'd the Japanese so that we don't have to drag the war out any longer.

Example Two:
Michael: So I was playing poker with John the other night, and I had a three of a kind of fives on the last hand.
James: Did you win?
Michael: No. He pulled a goddamn straight flush out of his ass and won the game.
James. Damn man! He Falcon Punch'd you!
#fzero #victory #epic #win #lose
by John D. Heisenberg May 14, 2013
Act of Epicly punching something/someone, usually setting them on fire, or having your fist on fire during the punch.
Also, 110% abortion.
Person 1:Hey, man, can I talk to you?
Person 2: Falcon Punch!!!
*Person 1 is now a pile of ash, or just flew off team rocket style.*
#falcon punch #captain falcon #punch #abortion #110% #super smash brothers.
by TehTy December 27, 2009
When you take a shot of vodka and then chug a gallon of hawaiian punch as fast as you can. then wait a minute and have someone punch you in the stomach as hard as they can while yelling "FALCON PUNCH!"
dude we took so many falcon punches last night and steve threw up all over the carpet!
#falcon #punch #vodka #shots #awsm #hawaiian #punches
by nizzjizz June 01, 2011
A uber-powerful punch that will smear anyone hit by it across the wall and is so powerful that it can bend space fabric time or whatever and to make it even better is occasionally covered or coated in awesomesauce.
Doing one melee in halo 3 and magically killing five people is about one ten trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion times infinity infierior to a single Falcon punch. And thats without awesomesauce....
#owned #pwned #served #falcon #punch
by racerbob October 24, 2009
A delicious drink made from falcon, fruit punch, ginger ale, and sherbert. Baby may be added for extra flavor.
"This falcon punch is delicious!"

"Yeah, I added a little baby to make it sweeter"
#falcon #punch #drink #fruit #delicious
by ChaosSonic February 09, 2008
The act of performing a punch resembling that of Captain Falcon (Of the F-Zero Series) to give a pregnant woman an abortion (Usually a surprise or unwanted one). It is accompanied by yelling "Falcon Punch!" as you throw your fist.
Woman: Oh, hello there.
Friend: *Grabs woman from behind, holding her still*
~Works every time~
#falcon #punch #abortion #surprise #captain
by UchihaNoChikara July 05, 2007
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