A move mainly used in comics or super smash bros.

But it is also a key move in surprise abortions cause when you cant afford a abortion falcon punch never fails
Me: I heard shemer got another girl pregnant.
Eric: No its cool he gave her a falcon punch down some stairs its taken care of
by T.T.C. June 30, 2010
falcon punch is the act of forcefully shoving your fist into the anus of something

Shouting falcon punch is optional but suggested
"Hey Billy get over here"

"yeah what?"

"go falcon punch that cow"


by littledude759 April 08, 2010
What hookers use to save time
FALCON PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!
by 812479 January 01, 2010
Creating a diversion; successfully distracting a large number of people, perhaps an entire population, from more important issues by throwing a bullshit sideshow.
A six-year-old boy named Falcon and his attention-whore family successfully tricked the nation's major media outlets into airing hours of distractions from more pressing issues, such as health care reform, because they thought he might be inside a balloon in midair and be in danger of plunging to his untimely death. One could argue that whereas someone should have 'falcon punched' his mother, instead this complicit little lad 'Falcon punched' the nation. Also see: Runaway Bride
by Fannie P. Acker October 15, 2009
The act of fisting a woman via punching your hand into her vagina. This is better achieved by adding the words, "Falcon Punch!" whilst performing the act. There is also the much more painful, deadly, and downright disgusting Falcon Kick.
John: Man last night I was with this girl and I couldn't get her to feel anything because she was soo loose.
Jim: Ahh man you should've falcon punched that bitch!

Bill: Last night I falcon punched this chic so bad, it was crazyy!
Jeb: Dude... Did she have to go to the ER? That's fuckin' weird.
by Big Ben Franklin December 06, 2011
Most powerful move in supersmash bros and is used by Captain falcon
Chuck Norris threw the dodgeball so hard it had flames, it looked like a Falcon Punch
by Dodgeb11names April 15, 2009
The sexual act of forcefully inserting a clenched fist, knuckles first, into a sexual orifice. Often this act is performed simultaneously in both the vaginal and anal cavities.
Tiara expressed her disappointment in Jerome's 3-inch cock. Jerome's retaliatory "Falcon Punch" left Tiara only desiring the smallest of penises.
by Captain_Falcon! January 24, 2009
Chuck Norris' back up weapon of choice.
"Oh No! Bruce Lee cut off Chuck Norris' legs!"
"Wait, it's o.k. Chuck Norris can still FALCON PUNCH"

Chuck Norris- "FALCON PUNCH!!!!"

**Universe & Bruce Lee implode**
by [A lump of Grass] August 09, 2010

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