1.When a guy/girl punches a girl in the vagina until it turns red.
2.When a guy/girl punches a girl in the vagina while she is having her period, causing blood to squish.
Jorge wants to Falcon Punch Gwen.
by 112334578752357 August 04, 2009
1. Trademark move of Captain Falcon from the Super Smash Bros game, first seen in F-Zero series.

2. When you are about to finish, you punch their anus forcefully, trying to get as much in as possible, while yelling "FALLLLCOOOOOOONNNN PUUUUUUUNCHHHHHHH!!!!"
1. Did you see me pwn that link asshole? You dont fuck with the falcon punch man.

2. So i was finishing up with Jenny last night and totally falcon punched her. She was so pissed she tried limping after me.
by Filashme February 10, 2008
A move that Captain Falcon(f-zero series) uses in which deals a great deal of damage to the opponent.A fiery falcon appears when the move is used, hence the name"Falcon Punch!"
It is not a teen pregnancy solution. It is just a very powerful punch.
C.F:You better not get back up on this stage!
Link:Hyaah(up b)
Announcer: GAME
by 07 Pilot Captain Falcon March 30, 2008
Punch a bitch in the back of the head while your fucken her from behind!
Dude, i straight falcon punched that bitch last night, straight up put a lump up on that bitches head!
by Donald Haynie April 15, 2008
v. The act of forcefully shoving one's fist - in a punching motion - up a female's rectum during intercourse, often whilst shouting "Falcon Punch!" Also referred to as fisting or buttrape, though those don't include the catchy punching words =D Taken from Captain Falcon.
"I love it in the butt!"
by Lucifer Ann October 21, 2007
A cocktail invented in western Canada. It consists of all the beverages, alcoholic and non alcoholic, that were consumed at a party that are then mixed into a very large cup (the original is consumed out of a giant ceramic red solo cup). The fun part about this is its different for every party you go to
"I'm already wasted, this falcon punch is gonna do me in for the night."
by Nutty Wes July 18, 2015
the sexual act of shoving one fist up a girls vagina and the other in her asshole simultaneously while yelling "FALCON PUNNCHH!"
Anna- Omg Steven used the Falcon Punch on me last night
Emily- Ohhh how was it??
Anna- It ripped my uterus wall to shreds and destroyed my small intestine but I squirted all over the walls!
by the real boy11 July 13, 2015

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