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Somebody who smokes weed once, then decides that they must learn everything about marijuana and look at weed accessories all day. They will commonly not give a fuck about anything you say if it doesn't involve weed. They will correct a legit stoner with scientific facts about weed. Also they will call themselves hippies and wear nothing but Rastafarian colors all the time. They only listen to Kottonmouth Kings and other artists who only sing about "smoking the herb" Total fucking grievances.
Me- "Well I just got a joint of purple destroyer, (real strain, dank as all fuck) im going to listen to Bring Me The Horizon"
Fake Stoner- " First of all, strains don't matter, secondly joints are a scientific waste of weed, and finally listen to Bob Marley, what you listen to doesn't even discuss weed, you're not a stoner."
Me- Oh my fucking word, shut up you little wannabe fake stoner!!!!!!
by AtomicGamer17 July 03, 2013

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