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1. How the dutch or one with a dutch accent say the word "Father"
"Fajah away"
by the Rip January 18, 2004 fajah. My father. In my case, blood 'father' ...I also call him my father, dad, pops, moneybags...depends.
Corinna. I am your Fajah,
by CorinnaMarika September 06, 2015
Alternate word for father. Also in the movie Austin Powers
You are my fajah
by BCookie June 29, 2015
A word that replaces any curse word and can be used in many ways.
"Fajah! i banged my knee"
"That Fajahing gollum. i want to kill her!"
"What the faj?"
"You are a dumb faj"
by gizzler May 04, 2006
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