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A really cool kid with an expertise of no other.
The one and only, Faizan!
by Me. December 31, 2003
169 92
a gorgeous teenager with a beautiful personality and a large manhood
that guy is so good looking he could pass for faizan
by faizan93 March 03, 2009
159 54
The ultimate idea of male self-realization is realizing how far in fact he is from being Faizan himself.
Guy One: "I'm pretty damn close to being Faizan."

Guy Two: "No, what you're feeling is premature enlightenment."
by Brett Lee 23 May 09, 2009
104 52
hard to get to know and hates everyone to begin with
but once you get to know him he's a a great listener and friend

complex individual who thinks through everything
Stop pulling a Faizan and talk to me?

Why can't you be a Faizan and listen to me?
by ohmah November 14, 2010
71 28
A guy who is extremely intelligent and nice and smart, passing for the perfect guy.
"So did you see that guy? He's a perfect Faizan. I want hm so bad"
by adud678 February 02, 2013
14 6