Awesome friend. She's cool. =D
Faith is freakin' emo. She keeps the faith? (question mark?)
by Krlyha December 12, 2005
a beautiful hula girl that takes your breath away whenever you see her.
Damn, that girl is so hot, she's like Faith
by angelofs0litude April 13, 2005
Faith is the belief in something despite not having proof, or having proof to the contrary of the fact in which you believe. Faith relies not on facts, but on trust in that which you believe to ultimately justify the belief you gave to it. Faith is not only something to be found in religion. For example, a relationship takes faith, on both ends; if one is unfaithful, the relationship is meaningless to them, and therefore, the relationship as a whole means nothing, if one does not have faith in their partner, the relationship is also pointless. The truth is, faith terrifies us. It requires absolute trust, and more than that, trust in something other than ourselves. Deep down, we are all afraid of being made to look like fools, and faith takes the risk even higher, because with true faith, we have no problem sharing our faith with others, whether it be in God, Buddha, Mohammed, or Scientology.
"ya gotta have faith, man, otherwise, what's the point of living? you can't even walk down the street without the faith that a meteorite won't come an' cave yer skull in." -the hobo outside my appartment-

"wow, greg, that's...really profound." - me-

"thanks man... got a joint?" -Greg-

"....." -me-
by davidmcmuffin August 17, 2011
a whore who can't get over her ex-boyfriend and ruins his other relationships by spreading rumors.
That girl is such a faith.
by oakridgehighschoolwareagles June 15, 2010
Shy, pregnant whore. Strips on the weekend to pay for her baby because she doesn't know who the father is. Friends that don't really like her.
Whore faith
by Fjsbfnsjand November 06, 2013
n. Belief without evidence
J: Do you have any evidence?
K: I have faith.

"For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible." -- Author Unknown
by Hatchet19 February 24, 2011
1.) The name of a character in Joss Whedon's Slayerverse. She is a slayer like Buffy, but cooler and cuter.

She eventually turned evil, got put in a coma, woke up, switched bodies with Buffy to be evil, got switched back, went to be evil in Los Angeles, tried to kill Angel, tortured Wesley, had a breakdown, went to jail, turned good again, got out of prison to catch Angelus, went into another coma, woke up, saved Angel, went back to Sunnydale and helped Buffy stop The First Evil.

2.) Anyone who is a secondary character that is actually much better than the main character of a TV show, movie, book, etc.

3.) A song by George Michael.
1.) Guy 1: Did you watch Buffy last night?
Guy 2: Yeah, Faith was so much cooler than Buffy.

2.) Guy 1: Dude, Daniel Jackson is totally O'Neill's Faith.
Guy 2: Rock on.

3.) Guy 1: Dude, "Faith" is such a good song.
Guy 2: You listen to George Michael? He's such a fag.
by Aaron D. Edwards June 02, 2005

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