Something annoyingly referenced by religious extremists to justify in their narrow minds all the irrational, illogical, vicious and malicious things they do to other people. It is abused as a free pass like the race card to legitimize the actions of such extremists.
My faith as a good christian invokes upon me to bomb the abortion clinics in America and kill all the living inside them to save the lives of the unborn.

As a muslim, my faith requires that I suicide bomb and kill innocent people to further my righteous causes.

My faith as a nazi requires that I wage a racial holy war to subjugate the non-white masses and execute the Jews.

America needs to wake up to the fact that in a society governed by secular laws, we cannot allow religious extremists to invoke faith as a means to bypass such laws and impose their views upon the rest of us!

Intelligent design is a matter of faith and not science. It should only be taught at Sunday schools not public schools funded by tax dollars.

The christian preacher called upon the US President to assasinate the leftist Venezuelan President and justified it as a matter of defending his faith from communism and America from terrorism.

The christian uses the premise of faith to manipulate and scare everyone into denying gay Americans their civil rights so they can oppress and discriminate against them.
by Like it is November 18, 2005
the most hottest girl in the world ant work,school,and eany where eles!! :)
{faith=sexy pretty cool loveable}
by justin bieber <3 the real 1 December 10, 2010
a) Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld"-Hebrews 11:1

b) Or by popular defintion: an irrational belief.
a) John had faith in God's promises.

b) Jim had faith that there was no chance in hell that John was right.

b) (again) Jib put all his fith into Ben's words when Ben said that the moon is made of cheese.
by Kariko May 18, 2009
Shy, pregnant whore. Strips on the weekend to pay for her baby because she doesn't know who the father is. Friends that don't really like her.
Whore faith
by Fjsbfnsjand November 06, 2013
Beautiful dancer, excellent teacher and listener. Knows when one of her students are dealing with something tough, if they are in need of a hug or encouraging words.
Everybody loves her. She is AMAZING
I love Faith.
Dancer, Listener, Teacher, Amazing, Loving, Faith.
by Annabelle Loobian November 07, 2010
a whore who can't get over her ex-boyfriend and ruins his other relationships by spreading rumors.
That girl is such a faith.
by oakridgehighschoolwareagles June 15, 2010
Being sure of what you hope for, and certain of what you cannot see.
i had strong faith in the Lord before i prayed for a man, and He showed me the man's healing.
by sonworshipper April 29, 2010

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