The assurance of our expectations, of the things we hope for, demonstrated by our actions, as though we have what we hope for in our posession, even though we do not have what we hope for in our posession.
Hebrews 11:1
If I were to buy a car I had never seen, or known to exist, from someone I trust and they signed the title to this car over to me.
The title is the assurance or FAITH I will have that car.
This assurance or FAITH was built on something tangable (the Title).
This assurance or FAITH was built on facts that I completely understand because the Title is used in my everyday life.
My expectation is to have in my posession the car that the title belongs to, but I have demonstrated FAITH by paying for that car, even though I have never seen that car or known of this type of car to exist.
Here lies the key to FAITH.
Where there is FAITH there also TRUST.
TRUST is proven to us beyond any doubt in our mind before we are asked to have FAITH in anything.
I have FAITH that I will have in my posession the car that this title belongs to and it will be all that I would expect because I trust this person whom I am dealing with.
by Charles H. Young III January 20, 2008
-the base of any religion.

-can never be blind.

-Mostly used for belief in God and him having a reason for everything

-but can also be the trust people can have in another person they love that they do or say the truth
faith can move mountains
never underestimate it
by i'mforScotty June 03, 2006
a hot girl with an amazing body. usually blonde. really funny and has a lot of friends. pretty bad ass and gets all the guys but is not a whore.
Look at that fine chick
she's gotta be a faith
by anonymous7732 April 25, 2011
Faith is more than believing, God doesn't call people to believe he calls them to have faith. Faith is like this parable:
You are at the Grand Canyon and there is a man on a tightrope walking back and forth hundreds of feet in the air on a tiny wire. It may seem unbelievable at first, but you watch and he goes across once,twice, even a dozen times and more, to the point where you know that he won't fall and you believe that he can walk across as many times as he wants. However this isn't faith, this is belief. Faith is when that man says to you," Get on my back, and let me carry you across with me" and you say yes, trusting your life with him, and going across.
by M.J.C. December 04, 2006
An awesome and outgoing girl. Obsessed with the muppets and Disney World. A Devoted Christian whom I am glad to have as a gf today. Blonde hair blue eyes.
Wow you are such a Faith
by PawsUp December 23, 2011
a skanky hoe who cant keep her titties in her shirt, loves to walk around in hoochie mama shorts purposely infront of the football team, a girl who cant keep her legs shut to save her life, a girl you loves to think she is in charge of anything and everygthing, causes tons of drama
person 1: whoa did you see her?
person 2: ya, you can tell shes a total faith
by Silent Melodee August 10, 2009
Faith is pure HOPE in Jesus Christ--anything else is simply "belief".
Faith--the way the Holy Bible uses it.

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