Faith is the belief in something despite not having proof, or having proof to the contrary of the fact in which you believe. Faith relies not on facts, but on trust in that which you believe to ultimately justify the belief you gave to it. Faith is not only something to be found in religion. For example, a relationship takes faith, on both ends; if one is unfaithful, the relationship is meaningless to them, and therefore, the relationship as a whole means nothing, if one does not have faith in their partner, the relationship is also pointless. The truth is, faith terrifies us. It requires absolute trust, and more than that, trust in something other than ourselves. Deep down, we are all afraid of being made to look like fools, and faith takes the risk even higher, because with true faith, we have no problem sharing our faith with others, whether it be in God, Buddha, Mohammed, or Scientology.
"ya gotta have faith, man, otherwise, what's the point of living? you can't even walk down the street without the faith that a meteorite won't come an' cave yer skull in." -the hobo outside my appartment-

"wow, greg, that's...really profound." - me-

"thanks man... got a joint?" -Greg-

"....." -me-
by davidmcmuffin August 17, 2011
Top Definition
A very nice girl who has a really good sense of humor & loves to have fun. She is also quiet kind and really caring. She would always try to make everything better, even if nothing is going rite for her. She is not really open with anybody and trys to keep everything hidden and thats why she always trys to keep a smile. She is very pretty but someetimes denys that. She can appear shy at first but once you get to know her she can be pretty loud.
"Faith" is so halarious
yeah shes always smiling
by iidontgiveashitt September 09, 2010
Faith is a wonderful person, she is incredibly fun and great to be around. She is one that can make you smile even on your worst days and will always be there for you. She loves to be weird and i love her for that. She is like my sister, my best friend, fellow believer in Jesus Christ. She shows great love towards everyone around her, especially the people who truley need that love. She is so beautiful and i love her smile. She has been blessed with so many great talents from God. She sets up her life in such a way to glorify God in all that she does. She has inspired me so much, and is a great role model for everyone. Love you Faith!
Faith is wonderful. Get to know a faith because they're great
by Hanban47sunkist September 15, 2010
Insubstantial, irrational belief.
by Pyrus October 22, 2003
Noun. Belief not supported by evidence or reason, but assumption alone.
When the scientist asked the preacher what evidence existed in support of the idea that the Christian Bible is inerrant, the preacher responded, "My faith is my evidence," thereby admitting that he simply assumed the notion of creationism to be true.
by Dead Cthulhu March 05, 2006
Faith : (fa-i-th) definition: shes a thug. shes the coolest person around, so be jealous.
number five: YO is that faith over there??!!
TAYlOR: YEA IT IS! we better run shes too hood for us =X !!
by NUMBER 5 iS A GEE September 28, 2006
The ability to believe in something in which there is no physical evidence even exists. This ability is found just below the left nipple.
Toast: Hey yo chels, you gotta have faith.
Chels: Where do i get that?
Toast: Right below your left nipple.
Toast: here lemme get it for you.
by Toastin March 08, 2008
Glorified Ignorance
I love a person I have never met and have only heard stories of and there is no proof of outside of a single book, this is my faith.
by Crayola_the_crayon_king November 21, 2006
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